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What Our Clients Have Said…

We value your time and trust and want to give you a fair offer that you want to accept.

We like to Build – Homes, Communities, and Friendships.


Michael H. (Hinesville)

“They do a phenomenal job and are all around great people. Really passionate and knowledgeable and do a fantastic job!!!”


Linda P.

“It’s hard to come across educated and ethical investors but Mallory & Billy have put in the time to become the experts you can count on. They’ve also surrounded themselves with a powerful network to solve any real estate issue. I would definitely depend on them to help me.”


Phil M.

“32 Homes LLC is an amazing company to work with. They are very efficient and go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are satisfied!”


Pamela D. (Savannah)

“Everyone at 32homes is great! If you like dealing with people who are professional, knowledgeable, and caring, then you have found the right people. Their designs and the work that they do are not only awesome but done right.”


Rebecca N. (Whitmarsh Island)

“Having just bought a fixer upper home, I have called and worked with a few different contractors. Mallory and Billy both are both One of the most honest, hardworking, and detailed professionals that I have called. I look forward to fixing up my house with 3 2 Homes. I also enjoy watching the progress of their projects on FB. I highly recommend these guys!”


Donna H. (Hardeeville)

“The 32 Homes team, led by Billy Lawson with Mallory Lawson Mason, is honest, reliable, and professional. They complete each remodel with great skill and an attention to detail.”


32Homes LLC

Our Team

We buy houses professionally. Our 32Homes LLC Team has the staff and experience to buy your property, even if you have been unable to sell before today.

We strive to; Build our Connections, Help our Neighbors, and Grow our Community.

We are in it for the PEOPLE.