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The Team 

We value your time and trust and want to give you a fair offer that you want to accept.

We like to Build – Homes, Communities, and Friendships.



If you’ve ever met someone who magically can just get a million things done in a day, then you may have met her before. Her dedication to learning and bettering herself and those around her is evident in everything she does. From health to design, Mallory is all about problem-solving and tackling challenges (Work smarter, not Harder). Between her drive for achievement and unabashed caring, it’s no wonder she is the face of 32Homes LLC.


With over 25+ years of contracting experience, Billy decided that he wanted to put his extensive knowledge to work doing what he loves most – helping people. It’s not a gimmick. He can’t help it. From randomly fixing a neighbor’s front porch to lending a hand with any project, Billy wants to help. He makes it known how much he appreciates his team and loves learning new things. He’s kind of the personification of “The Golden Rule” and he makes everyone around him better because of it.


Lanelle is a great organizer and keeps us on task. She is dedicated to learning whatever she needs to get the job done, even if that means tons of research – she’ll eventually learn it better than the creators. She’s in charge of all of our web design and marketing. She keeps the business flowing on the technical side so we can focus on the building. All that social media stuff we don’t want to do, she takes it head-on and puts it in its place. On occasion, she makes graphic designs, takes photos and video edits pretty okay too. Also, she can type… which is cool.


With his high energy, know-how, and a wide skillset (which he will jokingly brag about constantly), JoeJoe loves to build and enjoys learning as well as teaching others what he knows. He has great taste in music – you can always tell when JoeJoe is on the job because he’s singing off-key to impress you. *^_^* But in all seriousness, JoeJoe works hard and has been a huge motivator to our team since day one and every day since.


As an official 32Homes representative, Honey’s job is to bring smiles and laughter to any jobsite she may visit as well as show off her cuteness skills and model new merchandise.
She is now 2 years old and has completed several training courses with her most recent being the Advanced Puppy Training course with Mallory as her handler.
Honey enjoys long walks, chewing on leashes, lounging in her favorite chair and making new friends.