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before you list your savannah house – 5 things to fix

Before You List Your Savannah House – 5 Things to Fix

May 23, 2023

Are you considering putting your Savannah home on the market? If so, you’ll probably need to make some repairs and improvements to the house before you list it. However, not every repair is created equal. Avoid spending money on repairs that will likely not be profitable.

In this blog, we have put together our list of 5 things to fix before you list your Savannah home!

before you list your savannah house – 5 things to fix

Image by Kira from Pixabay

Under Your Feet

Even worn-out, damaged, and outdated flooring can be fixed for a reasonable price. Restore severely scratched hardwood, fix fractured tiles, and either clean up or remove outdated carpeting. Even if the floors beneath are unattractive, leaving old, discolored, and dusty carpet is a major turnoff. An area rug can always aid to conceal the damage from worn-out floors. Have the carpets professionally cleaned if you plan to leave them as-is to get rid of any stains or odors you might have missed.

Above Your Head

Any damage to the roof needs to be fixed. Fix any leaky components and ceiling water damage. The presence of water stains on the walls and ceiling might be a major turnoff for prospective buyers. They’ll presume right away that there might be mold and other, more serious issues. Before presenting your home, take care of these issues to avoid scaring away potential buyers!

Around The Corner

The room’s overall appearance and atmosphere can be altered by the color of the walls.  Although it is generally recommended to choose neutral colors, adding some warmth will alter how a place feels when people enter it. Warm and welcoming hues are what you want. Achieve a balance between being plain and uninteresting and being too daring and off-putting. Give the color scheme some individuality, but keep in mind that you want to appeal to a large audience, not just those who like your color scheme. While wall prints are once again popular, not everyone prefers wallpaper. If you choose to leave the wallpaper in place, choose a subdued pattern that won’t prevent guests from enjoying the room.


The importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated. According to studies, people make an unconscious decision about whether to make an offer on a home within the first few seconds of seeing it. Your landscaping is your first opportunity to engage and entice prospective purchasers. Adding some plants and removing weeds and overgrowth can have a significant impact on how quickly your home sells for a relatively small expenditure. While poor landscaping could be overlooked for the ideal home, it is preferable to get off to a good start. Make folks curious about the house only by having them glance at the exterior to begin with!

Bath and Kitchen

They claim that in the end, these places sell the house. To make the spaces stand out, however, extensive remodels or upgrades are not required. Small improvements in these areas can significantly increase the value of your house. To breathe fresh life into aging cabinets, refinish or paint them. Tiles, as well as countertops, can be resurfaced. You can even have your shower and tub refinished. New fixtures, such as faucets, drawer pulls, doorknobs, and cabinet handles, can also be added. These actions can almost immediately modernize and refresh a dated room!

Bonus: Lighting

Maximize your options and lighting can help to sell your home.  Allow for maximum warm light, nothing too bright or too hard and be sure areas are well lit.

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