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Agent vs. Investor: What Are The Differences In Fees?

Apr 7, 2023

You’re eager to put some money in your pocket and want to sell your residence. But did you know that you may have to PAY money if you sell your house? In this blog post, we compare and contrast the various fees paid to investors vs agents.

agent vs. investor: what are the differences in fees?

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It’s true… occasionally you may have to pay when selling your home. (This is frequently the case, though not always.) We want you to be aware of the various costs you must pay because having this knowledge may help you choose between working with an agent and selling your home directly to an investor.

Agent vs. Investor – What’s an Agent Fee?

Your home may need to be listed, the agent’s firm may charge a fee, a sign may need to be purchased and placed in the yard of your home, and the title company may charge a fee. The list is endless. The agent should be able to answer any questions you have concerning these.

Agent vs. Investor – What’s an Investor Fee?

The majority of home sellers are surprised to learn that most investors hardly ever have any fees to pay. Typically, investors will cover all selling-related costs. Additionally, as they are not agents, they are not listing your home, thus there is no commission to pay. Closing costs may be your responsibility, but this is dependent on the investor, so be careful to confirm this with them.

The “Fee” They Don’t Talk About – Cost Plus Repairs

You might not be aware of one further expense (or “fee”): if you work with an agent, they’ll ask you to make repairs to your home and then you’ll be responsible for paying bills and taxes for as long it takes the agent to find a buyer. Consequently, even though there isn’t a fee to the agent, you will incur expenses as a result of the agency. However, investors buy swiftly, so you also wind up saving money when you sell your house to them.

So what is appropriate for you? How much you’re willing to pay and how quickly you need to sell will determine your options.

Please contact us and we’ll be pleased to guide you through it if you want to discuss this in more detail or clarify that there are no fees associated with selling your home to us.

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