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3 Key Advantages of Selling To An Investor Over A Traditional Buyer In Savannah

Mar 30, 2023

If you are considering selling, you are presumably analyzing any of your alternatives and possibly choosing how and to whom you should sell. To find out why selling to an investor in Savannah is preferable to selling to a typical buyer read this blog post.

You have several alternatives when it comes to selling your Savannah home. Your home could be listed by an agent who will then look for a buyer. You might also try to sell your home yourself by putting it on the market. Alternatively, you might work with a real estate investor who will quickly and immediately purchase your home from you. The benefits of selling to an investor are as follows:

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Key Advantage of Selling: No Repairs

Not every home is in perfect shape. It’s alright; it happens. Yet before a typical buyer will even look at your house when you sell to one, you’ll likely have to pay out of pocket to clean up and repair the property. Yet, the majority of investors buy homes “as is,” so you can avoid spending money, time, and headache on repairs and cleaning.

Also, you won’t have to deal with a contractor if the repairs are truly extensive. Since THEY are paying for the repairs rather than you, the investor may request a slight discount from the asking price, but this is a minor amount to pay to sell quickly and without headaches.

Key Advantage of Selling to an Investor: Speed

The buyer must be located by the agency in order to sell to a traditional buyer, which can take months. Fortunately, there isn’t much of a wait. A real estate investor can close quickly when you sell your property to them, frequently in just a week or two (it varies, depending on the investor). Since you already know who they are and they are purchasers, you can sell things rapidly.

A benefit of this is that while you’re looking for a buyer, you don’t have to pay bills or taxes on that home. You may be able to reduce your recurring expenses by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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Key Advantage of Selling to an Investor in Savannah: No Guessing

The biggest issue is that when you sell to a typical buyer, you have to guess and hope that they’ll give you the asking amount for the house. therefore it’s not ideal if you wait a few months and they negotiate a cheaper price. Nevertheless, when you sell to an investor, you immediately know how much the investor will pay. Although you’re under no obligation to take them up on their offer, doing so is a terrific way to decide how to proceed.

Your home can be sold in a variety of ways. Also, even if selling to an investor may not be the best option for everyone, it may be for you.

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