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Cost of Selling Your Savannah House – Agent vs. Investor

Feb 24, 2023

You take a big step when you decide to sell your home. The next step is to decide how you will sell your home once you are ready to sell. The first thing most homeowners think of when selling a home is calling a licensed agent, but why not consider selling to a professional investor, such as 32Homes LLC? 

In real estate, numbers matter, so understanding the differences in costs between selling with an agent or with an investor is important.


In the case of an agent helping you sell your Savannah house, marketing expenses are included in the listing agreement. An agent’s process for selling a home can vary significantly based on the property, which is why they detail the steps he or she will take.

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Any preparations you must make to prepare your Savannah home for sale will be included in the listing fees. In addition to simple cleaning, listing costs could also include updating a home’s interior, appliances, or other parts of the house to make it ready for showings. It’s not uncommon for agents to recommend sellers invest in renovations to modernize their homes to meet the demands of technology. Some conveniences may be suggested or even advised depending on the current trends when you are looking to sell your house and other properties in your neighborhood.  An agent might suggest things like adding more space for home offices or play areas for children. 

Out-of-pocket costs for modernization and repairs add up!  Your property has to be brought up to current housing codes prior to the closing, so if the inspection reveals any problems with your home that you were previously unaware of, you also have to pay to complete those repairs. Otherwise, the lender may not approve the buyer’s loan. If the repairs aren’t made, you may get lucky and just deal with the buyer’s own estimated costs for repairs being deducted from the offer. All of that can easily be avoided by hiring an inspector.

Next, they may introduce “staging expenses” which is the cost needed to depersonalize the property.  This encourages the buyer to easily envision themselves in the home thus making them more likely to buy. It becomes harder to speculate what life could be like in a new space when the place clearly reveals how someone else was already living. If you do not remove personal items and belongings from the home prior to closing, you may also encounter storage costs to clear it.

When selling your Savannah home with a real estate agent, advertising expenses should be addressed and agreed upon before the contract is signed. These expenditures cover both expert drone pilots for 360-degree virtual tours and professional photography for the high-quality photographs that purchasers have grown to expect when they search listings online.

Commissions are paid for the professional real estate services rendered by an agent including marketing, paperwork, scheduling for inspections and appraisals, and performing all of the footwork to bring a buyer to the door and finally the closing table. You should budget on paying a total commission of about 6% of the sales price.

Holding fees, particularly if you’ve had to relocate, can quickly mount up while your Savannah home is on the market with an agent. Let’s say you’re selling for financial reasons. In that instance, the amount of your monthly mortgage, insurance, tax, and utility payments would increase the longer the listing is active on the market. Your entire family may have sleepless nights and high levels of stress as a result of this kind of predicament.


A real estate investor doesn’t have any of these expenses! Since investors pay cash and buy your house as-is (Meaning you don’t have to invest in repairs for a house you won’t be living in!) you can close on the sale of your house faster, sometimes in just a matter of days!

With little closing time to worry about, it is easy to see how selling your Savannah house to an investor like the professionals at 32Homes LLC saves you time and money! Ready to sell your Savannah house? Call 32Homes LLC at (912) 421-9907 or send us a message today!