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Seller’s Market How To: Prepare For Home Buying Offers in Savannah

Feb 18, 2023

You’re probably expecting an offer very soon on your Savannah house if you’re selling in a seller’s market; but what should you do once you get an offer? Read this blog post to learn how to best prepare for a home-buying offer in a Savannah seller’s market.

It is almost certain that your house will receive an offer in a seller’s market. When you receive an offer, what should you do? Is it just something you accept? What is your approach to negotiating? Then how? Is there anything you need to do?

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Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

When it comes to accepting offers in a seller’s market, BE PREPARED. Here is how you can prepare for home-buying offers in a seller’s market in Savannah…

How To Prepare For A Home Buying Offer In Savannah: A Seller’s Market

First, Choose your criteria.  What do you want in the offer?

Consider what’s most important to you. Do you need a fast sale?  Do you want to have a fast possession date? Maybe you want a high selling price. Both may be important to you but one of them will be more important, so determine which is most important for you.

Second, What is your bottom-line price?

In a seller’s market, you may get a higher price than your bottom-line price – maybe.  It’s very common for property owners to accidentally over-estimate the price they think they can get on their property. Determine your bottom-line price early. Chances are, you’ll get an offer somewhere between your bottom-line price and your preferred price.

Third, How flexible is your schedule?  Think about the possession date you want.

For example, you may be looking to move straight away, but you could potentially open yourself up to better offers if you don’t pressure buyers for a specific possession date.  Find out what buyers are willing to offer and see if shifting the move-out/move-in date can work in your favor!

Fourth, Remember that You Are The Seller.

Even though it’s a seller’s market, remember that the buyer is still the one with the money.  They can decide to buy a different house. Be selective about which terms and conditions are absolutely necessary for you and which ones you can be adjusted. This way, if a buyer has their funds ready, has no contingencies, and is willing to close within your preferred timeline, you can work with any conditions they may have.


In a seller’s market, it’s often suggested that the seller has an advantage but there are times when you might want to sell right now instead of putting your house up for sale, as well as cleaning it up, fixing it, and seeing what buyers will offer.

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