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4 Reasons To Sell Your Home In The Spring In Savannah

Jan 14, 2023

If you’re thinking about selling your home and trying to decide if you should sell now or later, then you’ll want to read this blog post because it reveals 4 reasons to sell your home in the spring in Savannah – you might be surprised!

“Is this the best season to sell my house?” or “Should I sell sooner?” or “Should I sell later?”

Selling in the spring might be a good idea if you own a property and are considering selling at all. Houses are bought and sold year-round, here are…

4 reasons to sell your house in spring in Savannah.

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Reason #1 Good Timing

Spring is an ideal time for buyers, especially if you consider other events happening throughout the year. Summer brings vacations, fall brings school, and winter brings holiday traditions and family time.

Spring brings fewer commitments and more time for home hunting and moving.

Reason #2 Better Buyer Weather

Many people buy homes all year long, but some find winters too cold (and snowy, depending on where they live), while others find summers too hot.

For you, it is also very messy in the winter when snow and mud are tracked throughout your home. As a result, once spring has finally arrived – it’s a time when people are already motivated to buy, and the weather starts to work in their favor (and yours!).

Reason #3  More Buyers

Spring is often a time when shoppers are looking to buy. In the winter, people spend a lot of time at home, and in January, they make plans for the coming year.

The combination of those two factors too often motivates people to start looking for houses once winter is over. By listing your property for sale at the very end of winter or the beginning of spring, you’re catching buyers who are very motivated.

Reason #4 Easier To Move

The final reason is that it’s easier to move for the buyers and yourself! If you list your house at the beginning of spring and it sells in the spring, then the possession date might be late spring – ideal for packing up and moving.

The weather is nice and the days are long, meaning you can move your stuff out and the buyer can move their stuff in with relative ease and comfort.

If you are debating selling your house at any time of year, make sure you know all of your options. And, if you want a faster, easier way to sell then get in touch with us here at 32Homes LLC.

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