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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Listing With An Agent In Savannah

Dec 16, 2022

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

How much does it cost to sell a Savannah house through an agent? Read this blog post to discover 4 mistakes you shouldn’t make when listing as an agent in Savannah…

Don’t Presume The First Offer Will Go Through

A buyer often makes an offer and then discovers that they are unable to get financing.

As a seller, if you do not find a buyer right away, you should be prepared to go through one or two buyers who fail to close. Educate your sellers about this ahead of time if you are a real estate agent so they are prepared.

Don’t Presume You Can Sell Right Away

Numerous factors can affect the market, causing it to fluctuate and even shift from day to day. Set realistic timelines for when you expect to sell the property.

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, expect that the sales process will take months to complete – from improving the house to showing buyers to negotiating to setting a closing date. As an agent, do not overpromise to your sellers – set realistic expectations.

Don’t Presume The Money Goes Right Into Your Pocket

Many people assume that the selling price (minus any mortgage payments) is pure profit. The truth is quite different.

It is important for sellers to understand that there are commissions, closing costs, and other fees involved. As a real estate agent, you should explain this to your clients.

Don’t Presume The Asking Price Will Be The Selling Price

The asking price is the starting point in the sales process – it establishes what a seller wants to sell for.

If you are a seller, realize that the actual selling price might be different than the asking price. If you’re an agent, make sure you explain this to your sellers.


Whether you’re a property owner looking to sell, or you’re a real estate agent who is representing sellers, these are 4 common mistakes that can happen during the sales process – so make sure you’re aware of them.

Are you thinking about selling? Are you an agent who is representing sellers?

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