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When Is The Best Time to Sell Your Home in Savannah?

Nov 17, 2022

The relief of selling a house. At what time is your market most likely to be filled with buyers? When will it be the easiest for you? Here’s how to figure out when to sell your house according to our latest blog post!

The Best Time to Sell Your Home in Savannah

Is there a particular season that is better than the others? 

Spring and summer are always the seasons when people buy. The weather is conducive to going house hunting now that school is out, relocating becomes more real, and relocating becomes more tangible. It’s proven that more people buy when it’s warm, so you are likely to have a larger pool of buyers! Take advantage of spring cleaning to prepare your home, and get ready to list it between April and June.

A house located in a warm climate, such as Southern California or South Florida, is less affected by cold weather. Sometimes, winter is the best time to sell because all the snowbirds are in town. It is likely that people will be coming from all over the country to check out your house, and there will be a good pool of prospective buyers.

Are you ready to sell?

First, you need to determine if selling is financially feasible for you. The sale of your home involves a number of costs, including repairs, cleaning and making it attractive. Is there a deadline by which you have to move? Will you be able to get a new mortgage? Adding pressure like this can make you feel stressed out and motivate you to sell for less than what you were expecting.

Are you and your family emotionally prepared? If the move isn’t necessary, make sure it’s really the best time to go. Do your kids have summer vacation coming up? Do you really want to leave your friends, job, and community? Consider your family’s needs before making such a major decision.

What the stats say:

Zillow reported that nationwide, homes listed from May 1 through May 15 sold about nine days quicker and for about 1% more than average listings. You may receive different advice from your real estate agent depending on local market conditions.

If you are looking to list your home on a Saturday, that is a good time because that is when most people have the time to look at listings. You’ll get more views if you put your listing at the top of the list since listings are often displayed in the order they are published. Friday is statistically the 2nd best day to list!

Some parts of the country are seeing house sales increase by 1-3% in May. Find out what the annual trend in your neighborhood is! Our company is happy to assist you in reviewing historical trends if you have questions!

Being Different Can Be Beneficial

Even if summer is many people’s favorite time of year, there is something to be said about not doing what everyone else is doing. Offseason sales can be rewarding as well. It’s possible that your pool of buyers will be smaller, but the pool of available homes will also be smaller. It’s your chance to set your home apart from the one across the street. With less competition on the market, you might be able to get a bigger reward.