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How to find foreclosures in Savannah GA

Apr 16, 2022

The competition to find great deals on local Savannah GA foreclosure properties is fierce.

Discovering them is only the beginning – you also need to know how to capture them.

Here are a few secrets from the pros that we’ve used with great success on how to find great foreclosure deals in Savannah.

1. Search the same listing that everyone uses.

There’s a lot of ways to access local foreclosure data in Savannah and your surrounding area – and does a relatively good job of combing through default notices, bankruptcies, tax sales and distressed asset lists.  One of the main drawbacks of using online resources like that is that the info is online can be a bit outdated.

2. Look for lesser-known publications used by smaller lenders.

Most of the publications in Savannah are indexed and captured online, but an occasional lender may mistakenly only publish in a smaller circulation if they think it meets legal requirements.  In legal terms, these are the notices of default that lenders are required to publish publicly. Those are one of the first places you can find out about a foreclosure.

3. Ensure you have a good working relationship with a broker.

The first time you start out as an investor in Savannah GA, you should avoid burning any bridges – especially with the real estate brokers who have a lot of power in this town.

The best of the bunch (and there are only a few of them) know exactly which investors are looking to buy what kind of property — they call the investors that they know will close the deal without problems. If you’re off the short list of people who get the calls, it’s unlikely you’ll return. Credible investors are too busy looking for great deals to waste their time on rookie mistakes. Make it your intention to give all your business to one person after interviewing a few.

Ensure that the broker knows exactly what they need to do to earn and keep your business, play fair, and do not compromise your integrity. If you must fire that broker, do so with grace and it will be an opportunity to learn for everyone. Do not terminate a pro based on whim. Your loyalty over the years will pay off in countless ways.

4. Identify people before their properties are held in foreclosure and intervene before a default notice is published.

Probably the toughest and most time-consuming method, but it’s one of the few avenues to avoid the crowds of speculators that descend upon any foreclosure like vultures preying on a fresh meal. Considering that, the key to winning in this business is not treating people like roadkill. Treat people with integrity, and your reputation is everything.

The situation of people facing foreclosure is extremely difficult, and they need help – not predatory behavior. We are able to help people with short sales, lease options, and other complex transactions, so no one loses. We receive amazing referrals and special deals that never reach the open market by acting with integrity. People remember the help we provided them, and recommend us to their friends and family when they need similar assistance.

5. Find niche specialists like our firm that can find foreclosures in Savannah for you.

We aren’t real estate brokers, so we don’t sell or give away information.

The properties we advertise are our own investments, so the list is short but exclusive.

Our main goal is to build a small, tight network of long-term investors in Savannah who are looking for credible real estate investments. As a result, we offer deep discounts and pass them along – while keeping a reasonable return that allows us to remain in business.

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