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4 Reasons Why Homeownership is a Good Investment in Savannah

Feb 10, 2022

You may have considered owning a house in the past, but you’re unsure if it’s right for you. Apart from the fact that you’ll own your home rather than rent, you’ll make a good investment. Here are four reasons why buying a home in Savannah is a wise investment.

There are many types of investments available – from stocks to bonds, from funds to art – but real estate is one of the best investments.

A solid, stable investment. You may wonder if homeownership in your area would be a good investment, so here are 4 reasons why we think so.

Reason #1. Stability

You may be wondering if you should invest in a property or not. One often-overlooked return is the stability that comes with owning a home.

This stability translates into a higher credit score. It can also boost your ability to borrow, and even help you find a job (since some employers check your credit score before offering a position).

So just by moving into a house and staying there for a while, your credit score will increase and your stability will increase.

Reason #2. You Can Increase Value

Having control over the value of a property is a big reason why real estate is a good investment. Adding improvements to a house that you purchase for a certain price will increase its value.

Putting a new coat of paint on the walls or adding a new bath can increase the resale value of your home. (This is preferable to any stock option, which you can’t really improve with a paint job!)

Reason #3. Upward Trend

Among the things that make real estate, a great investment is that it usually appreciates in value. In general, real estate prices tend to rise over time, regardless of the economy or what else is going on in the neighborhood.

Reason #4. It’s a Real Asset

Investing in paper assets, like stocks, is not always advisable. They are investments, but they have no real value. In the event that the company collapses, you’re left with nothing but paper. When it comes to real estate, however, it is something you can touch and see, and it has real value.


If you’re currently renting and debating about whether you should buy a property, then think about the return you could get on that property. Real estate is often a solid investment and here are 4 reasons why homeownership is a good investment in Savannah.