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Should You Sell Your House to an Investor?

Oct 21, 2021

Once upon a time, it was common to buy a home and keep it for the rest of your life, passing it down to your children. This is less common today. Many first-time buyers are open to selling their homes when they’re ready for a change. However, selling your home can be both frustrating and time-consuming.

While the market in Savannah is slowly changing, it is still strongly a buyer’s market. Many properties are on the market at the same time, so you may have to wait months for a fair price for your house.

When You Wait To Sell, You Pay Hidden Costs

Hidden costs are often overlooked when people hold onto properties.

Additional mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance, and other fees can quickly add up. Selling at a slight discount can help you make more money.

You won’t have to pay any fees or closing costs if you sell your home to an investor, and you won’t have to pay for repairs that were needed through more traditional means. When you sell your home to an investor, you can move into a new home quickly, and you will save yourself months of headaches.

Do Local Investors Buy Houses Fast?

Comparatively to more traditional methods, the process usually takes about a week to ten days.

When you need to sell your Savannah property fast and hassle-free, selling to a real estate investor is a great option.

Working with a real estate investor generally involves no fees, since you don’t have to worry about agent commissions, and most of the time the investor will cover the closing costs.

Investors often aim to purchase houses at a discount so that they can repair them if necessary and then resell them to another homeowner.

How To Sell Your Savannah House To An Investor

Selling your house to a real estate investor like 32Homes LLC is an option many homeowners are exploring.

Investors who are independent usually purchase houses, fix them up, and then rent or sell them for a profit. Real estate investors in Savannah can help you quickly sell your home if they are reputable and trustworthy.

Selling your house to an investor is a relatively straightforward process.

Describe your living situation and your home to him or her.

Next, they will make an offer that is fair based on the home’s condition and its need for repairs.  Upon accepting the investment offer, you can receive your payment in cash in about a week from the investor.