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What Happens to Your Lowcountry Home When We Buy It from You? 3 Ways We Invest

Oct 15, 2021

Your Savannah or Lowcountry home is likely the source of many fond memories. There’s no doubt you’re emotionally attached.

Unfortunately, after living in the same house for years, you now have to sell it. Several reasons may have led you to make your decision.

By the time you’re finished dealing with our experts at 32Homes LLC and selling it to us, you’ll be blown away. You’ll have loved every step of the process.

In the wake of selling your home to us, you may be worried about the property. How will it be handled?

We have been asked by past clients:

“What do you folks plan to do with my house after I sell it to you?

Our goal today is to shed light on what will happen to your house after you sell it to us.

Investing in Properties with 32Homes

Keeping things simple is key to our business model.

Investing in real estate in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding coastal region is one of our primary objectives.

When the home-selling process is completed, we will:

  • Renovate and Sell
  • Rent to Tenants
  • Wholesale

Renovate and Sell

Home-sellers can sell their homes as-is to us. However, we don’t intend to keep it that way.

Upon successfully buying from you, we will carry out the necessary repairs and replacements, which in turn will increase its market value. Our goal is to sell it for a higher profit after we have completed the repairs, modifications, and replacements.

Buying and selling properties in this way is one of the best ways to invest in real estate. ‘Flipping’ houses is a great way to earn money.

Be wary, most real estate investors attempt to renovate houses the wrong way because of lack of knowledge and expertise, only to lose everything they have invested.

We are different in that we have over 25+ years of contracting experience that has helped us master the art of flipping while avoiding pitfalls.

Rent to Tenants

Investment properties are most frequently purchased by real estate investors for this reason.

After we buy your home on the coast of Georgia, we may rent it out to tenants to generate income and build wealth for you.

‘Landlording’ is not for the faint of heart.

There is so much to do when you come into contact with tenants, conduct their screening process, verify the details, and ensure they are paying their rents on time.

That’s why we have hired a team dedicated to this task.

The real estate industry is one of today’s most desirable investment opportunities.

Investment in real estate is definitely rewarding in the long run.

Savannah’s property market is expected to boom in the coming years, resulting in rapid increases in home values.

Our goal is to lease your home for monthly income and sell it, naturally when the market is booming, for a profit in the near future.


In general, bulk goods are typically sold to retailers at lower prices through wholesale. After receiving the items, the retailer refurbishes them and sells them to their respective customers at a higher price.

But in terms of real estate, wholesale doesn’t mean the wholesaler is selling multiple properties to another party at the same time. Rather, here is how it works: a wholesaler, in this case us, contracts your home for sale in Georgia, shops it around to potential buyers and then assigns a contract to one of them.

As a result, we will contract your home at a higher price with a Savannah buyer, and the profit will go straight back to us.

However, we rarely use this approach in our case, since we prefer to buy our homes in advance.

Our Promise to You for your Lowcountry Home

We promise to seek solutions that suit your circumstances and offer alternatives that you may not yet know are available to you.

We know how important your home is to you.

Dealing with us isn’t like dealing with some corporate-guys who are only concerned with making money.

The experts at our firm prefer no-pressure human-to-human interactions. So, if you want to pour out anything and everything about your home, your special moments, time spent with your family, our team will grab you a cup of coffee and be all ears.

Why not get started now?

We look forward to hearing from you!