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Selling My House Fast in Savannah

Dec 4, 2020

You need to sell your home in Savannah as soon as possible, right?  If you said, ‘I’m having the toughest time selling my house fast in Savannah.” – you have come to the right place.

Here are a few tips to help you sell your property.

If you really must sell fast, consider selling for cash to a qualified local investor, such as 32Homes LLC

Selling My House Fast in Savannah – Getting Started

The finance world has been in a real mess lately.  It’s not uncommon for lenders to modify program requirements at the last minute, which can delay a sale for a normal buyer.

A cash offer can be written by anyone, regardless of whether they have borrowed the money to acquire the property.  When you’re selling a home through a real estate agent, keep in mind that if the buyer’s financing falls through, you’ll have to start over, which means more waiting time and additional holding costs and so on.

In order to avoid the buyer backing out at the last minute due to financing… one option is to sell the house to a local investment firm like us.

A qualified investor may have access to multiple lines of credit from public and private lenders, which are secured by other assets.

The benefit of that is that we can close quickly and we don’t have to wait for the bank loan to come through. In other words, you get your sale done and cash in your hand quickly. 

Make sure the investor you’re dealing with is a qualified local one by doing some due diligence. A qualified investor will provide you with references and bankers who can verify the investor’s ability to close the loan.

In the case of a cash offer with an earnest money deposit, you might be entitled to keep the deposit if the buyer can’t close.

How do you receive fast cash offers?

You can actually get a fair cash offer from us today.  Our company buys properties in Savannah GA.  We either refurbish them if they need it or sell them to someone who enjoys them or sometimes keep them as rentals ourselves.

Your local Savannah property may qualify for a quick sale.